About Us

“A place that is a part of Nature…”


There’s a place that breathes Nature… is inspiring, fresh and enchanting, facilitating the freedom of both body and mind. This is Villa Ana Margarida by Nature – an eco resort concept that is as innovative as it is original.

To embark on this different experience is to know a lighter way of life and to grasp a one of a kind connection with Nature, taking the best from it. Here, the essence is the basics: to be free, to be happy!

At Villa Ana Margarida by Nature you may enjoy a wonderful ecological outdoor swimming pool, surrounded by water lilies and gentle animal species. The water treatment is done in way that is 100% natural, with no addition of chlorine.

Close to the swimming pool there are barbecue facilities, as well as some areas meant for group meals. In the complex there is also a biological vegetable garden and photovoltaic panels installed has a way to reach self sustainability.

For fun activities and leisure purposes, we have a salon for get-togethers, with a TV, a library, a pool table, a tennis table and an Honesty Bar. The complex also provides an indoor parking lot, free of charge.



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