About Us

“A journey across time…”


Says who by there passes that, even prior to entering the hotel, one feels a passion for the building itself and its exterior facade. Majestic, irreverent and nostalgic, it is a building that has been renovated in its entirety, and which starts its activity in July 2016.

Villa Ana Margarida Hotel invites its guests to embark on a journey to the Age of Discovery – a time when famous Portuguese sailors ventured on journeys “through seas that keel has never cut before”, setting out to conquer new territories, between the years 1415 and 1543.

Located in the heart of the village of Ericeira, this hotel was once, for 4 generations, the house of the Casado’s family and where one of its elders, Mr. Joaquim Casado, developed his carpentry activity. By exploring the reception, it is possible to observe several of the then used tools, now religiously framed.

The building, currently reborn as a hotel, pays tribute to former members of the Casado’s family. On its exterior facade one may see the name that has been chosen for the hotel – “Joaquim da Lúcia” (grandfather and great grandmother of the members that presently explore it). On a central point of the hotel there is an open courtyard, carefully decorated, where one may find another tribute to a loved one – grandmother Guilhermina.

To truly feel the essence of this place, one must explore it. In every corner there is a small detail and with each step taken upwards, you will be closer to the splendid view from the terrace located on the top floor. The ideal place to let yourself go in your thoughts while sensing in the air the closeness of the sea.



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