About Us

“A unique retreat, beachfront planted…”


Villa Ana Margarida Beach is a fascinating place, resulting of the perfect combination of Ericeira’s traditional style, with details inspired by the history of Portugal and a special focus on comfort.

Here one may enjoy a privileged view over the beach, and the sea… that giant which makes us dream and fills our souls with so much!

In the central area of the complex there is a clear water pool which invites to moments of pure fun or relaxation.

It is also here that those who adore the sunlight may spend the afternoon sunbathing, or reading a book in a cool and cozy atmosphere, with the scent of the sea there so close.

There are also common areas which represent opportunities for guests to meet up, whilst enjoying a breathtaking scenery.

When walking around the complex, allow yourself to be enchanted by the hidden spots, specially designed for short retreats.

Located between Ribeira d’Ilhas and the beaches of Ericeira, Villa Ana Margarida Beach is a 10-minute walk away from the centre of Ericeira.


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"A place that is a part of Nature…"
"In the centre of town, so close to the sea…"