About Us

“A Place that is part of Nature…”


There’s a place that breathes Nature… a place wich invites to freedom of both body and mind.

Inspiring, fresh and passionate. So is Villa Ana Margarida By Nature, an “eco resort” concept that has as much of innovating, as original too.

Located at Ericeira, the Villa Ana Margarida By Nature it’s ideal for one who seeks  a pure relaxing stay for two, a group of friends or amongst family.

Embarging on this different experience is to know a lighter way of life, is to grasp an one of a kind connection with Nature and take the best from it, enjoying a memorable stay. Here, the essence is the basics: be free, be happy!

On our Eco-Resort, you may enjoy a wonderful ecological outdoor swimming pool, surround by water lilies and gentle animal species. The water treatment is done in an 100% natural way, no chlorine added.

There are some spaces ment for eating meals in group, and barbeque facilities as well.

Strolling through Villa Ana Margarida By Nature, you can even be amazed by gardens filled with well taken care of flower species.

Our Eco-Resort has also a biological farm.

The self sustainability concept is present throughout our Eco-Resort through the photovoltaic pannels installed.

For leasure and fun activities, we have a large get-together salon, with a TV, a library, a pool table and an Honesty Bar.

The estate provides still a free parking lot indoors.



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