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“One trip around time…”

Says who by there passes that before the hotel’s entrance there is a passion by the building and by is exterior facade. Majestic, irreverent, and nostalgic history, it is a building that was totally renovated, that starts it’s activity in July 2016.

Villa Ana Margarida Hotel invites it’s guests to join in an authentic journey through time. A trip until the Discovery times, between the year’s 1415 and 1543, a time where famous Portuguese sailors ventured on journeys and sea holdings “through sea’s never before navigated”, setting out to conquer new territories.

Around the building we can observe details thoroughly worked, tiles painted by hand and windows in a shape of “lookouts”, allusive to the theme of navigation.

Located in the heart of the village of Ericeira, this hotel was once the house of the family “Casado” that for 4 generations lived there. One of the elders of the family, Mr. Joaquim Casado, developed his activity there in a carpentry workshop. Right beside it, in the ground floor, existed also a shop dedicated to selling handmade tableware . By exploring the Hotel, it is possible to observe a lot of parts dating back to that time, religiously framed.

The building today, reborn as a Hotel, pays tribute to former members of the married family. On the exterior facade it’s possible to see the name chosen for the hotel “Joaquim da Lucia” (grandfather and great grandmother of members that have space exploration today). On a central point of the hotel there is a courtyard in the open, carefully decorated and furnished to ensure the greatest comfort to it’s guests in moments of pure relaxation. Right there, we can find a sui-generis fountain that is another  “milestone” of the family, because she also pays tribute to a loved one, the grandmother Guilhermina.

The rooms feature modern décor and premium quality furniture, some even have a exterior balcony.

To truly feel the essence of this space is necessary to explore it, every corner a detail, every door a discovery, and each step rising closer to be a splendid view on a terrace located on the top floor. The ideal place to make a little retreat, feel the smell of the sea air there so close and let yourself go in your thoughts.

The Villa Ana Margarida Hotel is perfect for those looking to enjoy an inspiring stay with comfort and assurance that excels in the art of “hosting” guests.

The hotel has a restaurant and facilities for surfers. The beaches are a 10-minute walk around the hotel you can find various points of trade, catering and nightly entertainment.



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